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Masha was beaming
techno // house // dubstep // bass // detroitelectro

Music designed around bass. As well as music for the floor there are always a few more abstract tunes and special episodes. Also a resident at Deadly Rhythm there will be a few interviews from our headliners. Deadly Rhythm with Instra:Mental, 16th April, la cheetah Deadly Rhythm with Martyn and Braiden, 28th May, SWG3

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Masha Was Beaming // Tailor Made
21/03/2011 // Masha Was Beaming // Tailor Made

On this episode we started of with one of the best remix's I've heard in a good while. Floating points have always been a favourite with their own productions but they also know what it means to remix a song, both making it their own and respecting the original.

Apart from that we played a tune from the d├ębut release from Koreless who we had play at our last Deadly Rhythm party and loads of new stuff from FaltyDL, BNJMN, Joy O and the massive 'Thomp'and 'When I dip' from Instra:Mental. Big stuff.

To hear those last two in their proper surroundings Deadly Rhythm will be hosting Instra:Mental at our next party on 16th April.


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