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Greg & Davey's Synth Pioneers
Machines in Heaven
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   This causes consciousness to fracture
  Caterina Barbieri
   Paris 1971
  Suzanne Ciani
  Finders Keepers
   The Shining (Main Title)
  Wendy Carlos
  Roger's Basement
   Grafts (excerpt)
  Kara-Lis Coverdale
  Boomkat Editions
   Amore amaro
  Alessandro Cortini
  Misc. works
   szamar madar
  Venetian Snares
  Planet Mu
  Aphex Twin
   Illusion of Time
  Daniel Avery // Alessandro Cortini
  Phantasy Sound
   clair de lune (a modular reflection)
  Ann Annie
  Not On Label
   Kometenmelodie 2
   Imaginary Landscape No. 1
  John Cage
  Hat Art
   Dr Who Original Theme
  Delia Derbyshire // Ron Grainer
   Wire Recorder Piece
  Halim El-Dabh
  Without Fear
   Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Theme)
  John Carpenter
  Record Makers
  Thomas Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
   Wheel of Fortune
  Ruth White
  Black Mass Rising
   Dancing Ghosts
  Chris & Cosey
  A Number of Names
   Cosmic Cars
  Juan Atkins
   Boogie on reggae woman
  Stevie Wonder
   The Morning Fog
  Kate Bush
   Mein Maschine ist Schon
  Best Seller
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