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Lost in the Mall
retro // soundscape // relaxing // vaporwave // nostalgic

There aren't many feelings in this world that are stronger than nostalgia, and it doesn't take much to trigger it... On Lost in the Mall we share late night delights of only the most nostalgic sounds. We bring the listener heart wrenching mix tapes of songs from when our lives felt simpler: we weren't wrapped up in the anxieties of essays, working late or paying bills, we could just sit in front of the tv, watching cartoons and eating sugary cereal. On each hour long episode, Lost in the Mall delivers nostalgic sounds, music and forms; from a soundscape of the sounds and music of a trip to Disneyland, vintage commercials for toys and cartoons, a playlist of the ultimate 2000s school disco, or shows that reach further back into the past, looking back to rock and roll 1950's radio in America, through to how nostalgia shapes new creative ventures today, with a look at vaporwave, neo-rockabilly and more. Lost in the Mall is an aural trip back in time: grab your bowl of coco-pops, fire up the dial up and listen in.

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