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Cry Hard with a Vengeance (1995)
Get in Loser, We're Going Crying
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   God Bless Eric Taylor
  Soft Speak
   First Day Of My Life
  Bright Eyes
  Saddle Creek
   The Temptation That Is You
  The Saddest Landscape
  Copter Crash
   Their / They're / Therapy
  Their / They're / There
   Ra Patera Dance
  The World Is A Beautiful Place & IANLATD
  La Dispute
  No Sleep
   A Dozen Roses
   Death Cup
  Mom Jeans.
  Counter Intuitive
   Grrrls Like Us
  Radium Grrrls
   Give Violence a Chance
   Jimmy Buffet Doesn't Even Surf
  Middle Man
   Everything Is In Your Hands
  Old Gray
  Dog Knights
  Slaughter Beach, Dog
   A Detailed And Poetic Physical Threat To The...
  Pet Symmetry
  Asian Man
   Because He's There, and He Hates Me
  Midwest Pen Pals
   I'm a Punk
  Old Guard
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