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Get in Loser, We're Going Crying
emo // hardcore // poppunk // screamo // lofi

Stuck in a rut? Love of your life just dumped you? Parents just don't understand?
Don't worry. Emo's got your back; emo's always got your back.

Subcity's resident emos take you on a journey through the saddest, rawest and wistful-est tunes this side of the midwest.

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Spoopy Season
03/11/2018 // Spoopy Season

Hi kids, were gunna play some music for you, it isn't that spooky necessarily but it will cut to your emotional core and leave you in pieces for weeks. But after that it won't leave you. Emo would never leave you. It'll stay right by your side and build you back up to the strong human being we are all know you can be, that you know you can be. Ready to take on the world and take nobody's shit. Idk if that counts as spooky.

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