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Live From Las Vegas
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   Ave Satani
  Jerry Goldsmith
  20th Century Fox
   The Whyte House
  John Barry
   Mutiny in Heaven
  The Birthday Party
   Touched by the Hand of God
  New Order
   Jesus Loves the Stooges
  The Stooges
   Relax the Mind
  Meditation Spa
  Autumn Hill
   Praying Hands
  Warner Bros.
   Preaching the Blues
  The Gun Club
  Beggar's Banquet
  Roxy Music
   Festival/Mirie It Is/Sumer Is A-Cumen In
  Silva Screen
   Dinosaurs in the Bible
  Bill Hicks
   Imitation of Christ
  The Psychedelic Furs
   Very Last Day
  The Hollies
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