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Likwit Fusion
hiphop // experimental // glitch // world // eski

Likwit Fusion is the amalgamation of two friends coming together through one common interest, having the passion for forward thinking, innovative electronic music that doesn't adhere to any barriers which constantly pushes our senses and perception, actively seeking out and nurturing new ideas and interpretations. It is an evolution, a place where progression can flourish. Likwit Fusion strives to create relationships, connecting people from the smallest, independent bedroom experimental ambient-driven musicians to the organic sounds of an instrumentalist world musician to fantastically peculiar, and ever so imaginative beatmakers who have a penchant for using off-kilter synths and squiggly space-age beats, to conscious inspired hip-hop and MC's to even people who can let their hair down and start a party. It encompasses everything, whilst at the same it still tries to push out new sounds, never compromising to the accepted norm of what is perceived to be the standard for "club" or "electronic" music. It's indefinite. It's here to last for aeons and aeons. We hope to transcend our club nights into the radio/broadcasting environment once a month. Bringing in guests from shows as well as playing new music on the airwaves that we both agree to be inspiring and unique.

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Likwit Fusion x Zero10: Ras G & Wavy Graves
30/04/2012 // Likwit Fusion x Zero10: Ras G & Wavy Graves

On Tuesday the 1st of May Likwit Fusion & Zero10 will be collaborating to bring you one of the most innovative, and forward thinking beatmakers in the world. Ras G.

Ahead of his live show at Nice N Sleazy's both Wavy Graves and Ras will be joining us in the Subcity studio to give us an insight of what to expect during the show as they will be providing us with a live session / guest mix and top of that we'll be having a brief interview with Ras as well.


Ras G ( Brainfeeder / Leaving Records / Poo-Bah / Ramp )

Ras G is a stalwart of the underground LA hip-hop movement, a regular at the Low End Theory nights as well as having one of the first releases on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint with 2009’s ‘Brotha from Anotha Planet LP’ and more recently 2011’s ‘Down 2 Earth’ on Ramp. On top of that, he is also one of the founders of Poo-Bah records, a specialist record store and label which resides deep within the hearts of crate-digging LA music lovers.

Ras’s music takes you on an exploration into the unknown realms of consciousness. His search for new patterns of sounds balances an unorthodox combination of blunt heavy beats, sound collages, experimental electronics, and radiant boom-bap instrumentations. Striking up an homage between music’s rich and diverse heritage, conjuring up correlations between the likes of Sun Ra and Lee “Scratch� Perry, right through to Madlib and J Dilla.

We truly are thrilled to be bringing this unique and innovative musician to our city for an ultra rare performance.

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