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Let's Get Physical
chat // science // emergencyservices // electricity // welding

All the things you wanted to do as a child but you couldn't, because you weren't old enough and you didn't have the money to buy depleted uranium. Expect to find out how the entire universe works. Or at least the interesting bits. As well as guides on how to build things at home to maim or trap your flatmates, there will be interviews with some of the University of Glasgow's greatest minds, or at least the ones that agreed to come on the show. Find out about inventions and discoveries on the frontiers of science, sometimes lightyears before they even happen. All this with a sprinkling of music interspersed between the explosions.

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Wiki wiki - rollin' n scratchin'
20/05/2010 // Turntables with Nugget

Hello fans! Let's Get Physical returns with more science, as per usual. Turntable science to be exact. The Ghetto Scientist will be on our next show dropping science all over the place. This episode will feature the basics of how DJing actually works - how vinyl is made, how the turntables work, a bit of sound, mixing and a bit of scratching. Wiki wiki!

With guest Kirstin Norman.

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