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Left Of The Dial
hiphop // indie // rock // pop // antiprog

'It was like being on an old John Peel show. Like, one of the ones where he'd play the record at the wrong speed, but it was alright, 'cause he meant well.' - Sean Cumming, frontman, John Knox Sex Club Back for a third year, Left Of The Dial takes its cue from the Replacements' paen to college radio of the same name, paying no heed to such trifles as genre, era or trendiness in its determination to bring the most eclectic tuneage into your beautiful hovel. Think of each episode as a mix-tape from a nerdy but well-meaning muso friend, tracks chosen and sequenced to reveal connections even he never previously realised existed. From Arab Strap to Silver Jews, Big Star to Black Star, Vivian Girls to Beastie Boys, Wu-Tang Clan to Sly & The Family Stone, The Byrds to The Bees - if it moves, grooves or improves, and it absolutely, without doubt isn't prog, it gets in. Also getting in, live and in person: any willing and able bands, raconteurs and polymaths, whose number in the first two years included Admiral Fallow, Rodge Glass, John Knox Sex Club, Dirty Keys, Three Blocks From The Wake, French Wives, United Fruit and Popolo. Intimidatingly pop-culture literate. Charmingly bumbling. Willing to learn from past mistakes. LOTD: gonna party like it's your birthday and everyone forgot.

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End Of The Century
05/06/2011 // End Of The Century

This week: it's the last show of the broadcast year, and what better way to finish than with the 100th episode? Yes, for a full 100 hours (and then some) over the past nearly-three years, Left Of The Dial has tantalised your eardrums with its own unique mix of cross-genre pollination and beardy intellectualising, and this week is no exception, with tracks from established show favourites Arab Strap, Yo La Tengo and Kanye West sitting side by side with stuff from Silver Apples, Liquid Liquid, Thundercat and Amerie. There will also probably be at least one word of four or more syllables.

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