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Le Bruit d'azur
noise // experimental // debate // art // soundart

Le Bruit d'Azur, the azure noise: The noise signal that retinal cells emulate for visual resolution. Art for your ears. Giving sound art a platform, pushing the boundaries of what is played on the radio. Live guests performing and discussing the relationship between sound art and experimental music, noise and the visual. Art deserves to be on the radio, and not just in the Radio 2 sense. Join us every second Tuesday to listen to Jules try not to sound pretentious and Thom representing the everyman (that likes weird sounds). If you're a sound artist, send us something to listen to: [email protected]

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Tectonics Preview
07/05/2013 // Tectonics Preview

A preview of some of the artists involved in the Tectonics Festival in Glasgow this weekend, say hi if you see us!


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