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Lean Beats
electro // dance // exercise // workout // ministryofsound

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THE SQUAT AND EVERYTHING ELSE CAME AFTER! Tune in for gym anthems and questionable health advice! Treat 'em mean keep 'em LEAN! www.twitter.com/leanbeats www.mixcloud.com/leanbeats - 4 PROMO MIX

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07/07/2013 // HEALTHY ORGANS

In the beginning there was the SQUAT and everything else came after.

We’re gonna talk about how to screw up your organs INSIDE your body in order to get the results you want on on the OUTSIDE.

Protein shake? CHECK!

Diet Pills? CHECK!

Appointment with plastic surgeon? CHECK!

We’re gonna accompany these tips with some sounds from organs which you finger - the house piano love of the 90s VS the bassline sound of the noughties VIA some place inbetween where distorted electronic harpsichords were cool.

LB x

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