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Lava Lava
techno // house // electronic // deep

LAVA LAVA is a celebration of worldwide club culture, playing music from the pioneers of the modern House music sound to those who continue to push the boundaries.

Join Divers every 2nd Sunday from 4pm 'til 6pm for an eclectic journey through dance-floor focussed sounds, exclusive tracks, deep cuts & hidden gems unearthed from record stores.

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   16:00 - 18:00
   Sun, 13/12/2020
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Episode 164: Subcity 25 - LISALÖÖF
15/11/2020 // Episode 164: Subcity 25 - LISALÖÖF

Over the past 10 months Lava Lava has been celebrating reaching Guest Mix 100 alongside 25 years of Subcity Radio by hosting a selection of some of the city's best DJ's, producers and club nights in the Subcity 25 mix series. Although we've now passed 100, we're keeping the focus on Glasgow!

Who better to kick off the next 100 mixes than Glasgow's own heavy hitting LISALÖÖF! This DJ, producer & promoter has become a regular feature on the local techno circuit with her Moonlight party series. Renowned for her dark, energetic and experimental sounds LISALÖÖF brings us an hour of her signature DOOF!

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