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We are 101ers
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   E 102
  BMX Bandits
  53rd and 3rd
   You Can't Do That
  The Beatles
   Let's Go Crazy
  Warner Bros.
   Miss You
  The Rolling Stones
   Ride a White Swan
   Listen To Me
  Buddy Holly
   Der Knutsschfler
  Metronome Musik
   Words of Love
  Buddy Holly
   Mad Daddy
  The Cramps
   Up Around the Bend
  Creedence Lear Water Revival
   Atie Moy Tiopth Ekypiane
  Eaza Aamno
   Io Mammete e Tu
  Renato Carosone
   His Latest Flame
  Elvis Presley
   Get Up Off Your Knees
  The Housemartins
  Succesfully Independent
   Hersham Boys
  Sham 69
   Sex with an Ex
  The Vaselines
  Sub Pop
   Don't Get Me Wrong
  The Pretenders
   Orgasm Addict
  The Buzzcocks
   Only You
   Greetings to the New Brunette
  Billy Bragg
  Promotion Certaines
   Pretty Vacant
  The Sex Pistols
   Byusy Doing Nothing
  Love Is All
   The Hustle
  Van McCoy
   Walk On Thin Ice
  Yoko One
   Big Decision
  That Petrol Emotion
   Supernatural Thing
  Ben E. King
   Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
  The Delphonics
   Special Brew
  Bad Manners
   Where You're Meant To Be/ I'm A Rover
  Aidan Moffat
  Kiss My Beard
   Fan Mail
  The Dickies
   Bored Teenagers
  The Adverts
   Tales From the Bottle
  One Trax Minds
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.