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Episode #121
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   The Cabbage
  Teenage Fanclub
   Il tempo vola
  Fabri Fibra
   Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)
  Van Morrison
   Velocity Girl
  Primal Scream
   Watch Me Now
  Ultramagnetic Mc's
  Next Plateau
  Warner Bros.
   Save Yourself
  Aesop Rock
  Def Jux
   Going Down
  The Monkees
   A Dozen Roses
   Loveless Love
  The Feelies
   Have You Seen My Baby
  The Flamin' Groovies
  Kama Sutra
   Black Balloon
  The Kills
   Welcome To The Terrordome
  Public Enemy
  Def Jam
   I Can't Live Without My Radio
  LL cool j
  Def Jam
  42 Records
   The Humpty Dance
  Digital Underground
   Can't Stand It
  Alton Allis & Lloyd Williams
   Queen Majesty
  The Techniques
  Treasure Isle
   Reggae Fever
  The Pioneers
   Girlie Pop/ Fake Off
  Pop Tarts
   Gravity Talks
  Green On Red
  Billy Bragg
   I Will Follow
   Ballad Of The Band
   I'm Down
   Why Does the Rain
  The Loft
   My Generation
  The Who
  The Jasmine Minks
   Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long...)
  Elton John
   A Boy Named Sue
  Johnny Cash
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