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The Scottish Scene #1
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   Love Spreads
  The Stone Roses
   One Armed Scissor
  At The Drive-in
  Grand Royal
   Temptations Inside Your Heart
  Velvet Underground
   Bubblegum Blues
  The Luci Baines Band
  Walk Tall
   Come Back
  The Mighty Wah
  Beggar's Banquet
   Working On A Building Of Love
  Chairman Of The Board
  The Luci Baines Band
  Walk Tall
  Rough Trade
   I Will Die With My Head In Flames
   Square Hammer
   Let's Make This Precious
  Dexys Midnight Runners
   This Car Crashes
  The Method One
   Sons of the Stage
  World Of Twist
   Looking At You
   Stand Out
   Either Way
   A Lover's Concerto
  The Toys
  The Kinks
   Help You Ann
  The Lyres
  Ace Of Hearts
   Find a 'Lil Love
  The Luci Baines Band
  Walk Tall
   Problem Child
  Graham Parker and The Rumour
   Foey Man
  George Dekker
  Pressure Sound
   You Better Be Doubtful
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