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End of the summer, take it easy!
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   Thank You Friends
  Big Star
   Daddy's Gone
   Are We the Waiting
  Green Day
   Neat Neat Neat
  The Damned
   Pretty Lighting
  New Bomb Turks
  Sweet Nothing
   The Only Living Boy in New Cross
  Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
   These Important Years
  Husker Du
  Warner Bros.
   Another Girl, Another Planet
  Only Ones
   Lady in the Front Row
  Red Kross
   Bloody Ice Cream
  Bikini Kill
  Kill Rock Stars
   Smothered in Hugs
  Guided By Voices
   Mr Integrity
   The End of Radio
  Touch and Go
   Beautiful Alone
  The Strangeloves
   Homelovin' Guy
  My Bloody Valentine
   Take it Easy
  Hopeton Lewis
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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.