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Permanent Daylight
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   Soul Kitchen
   Favorite Thing
  The Replacements
   The Crawling
  Not Moving
   Sono come tu mi vuoi
  Not On Label
   Poison Boys
  The Riffs
   A Little More For Little You
  The Hives
   Having a Party
  Sam Cooke
   I Couldn't be You
  UK Subs
   Worker's song
  Dropkick Murphys
   Sound System
  Operation Ivy
   Galicia Canibal
  Os Resentidos
  Grabaciones Accidentales
   I Call Your Name
  The Boys
   The Girl Can't Dance
  Bunker Hill
   La Botta di Energia del Rock
   Everybody's Happy Nowadays
  The Buzzcocks
  United Artists
   To Have and To Have Not
  Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards
   A Freva a Quaranta
  Edoardo Bennato
   Disco Bambina
  Heather Parisi
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