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From the Vaults #11
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   Stand and Deliver
  Adam and The Ants
   On My Radio
  The Selecter
  Two Tone
   96 Tears
  The Stranglers
   Sound and Vision
  David Bowie
   Sunday Girl.
   Public Image
   I'm Free
  Soup Dragons
   Under Canvas Under Wraps
  Chemikal Underground
   The Only One I Know
  The Charlatans
  Dead Dead Good
   Oh My God
  Ida Maria
   Finest Worksong.
  IRS Records
   Love Action
  The Human League
   Rip It Up
  Orange Juice
   This Party Fears Two
  The Associates
  Beggar's Banquet
   Kick It
  Peaches // Iggy Pop
   Making Plans for Nigel
   One Love
  Stone Roses
   High Tide Low Tide
  The Vaselines
  Rosary Music
  BMX Bandits
  53rd & 3rd
   Blame It on the Bass
  Norman Cook feat MC Wildski
   Nobody's Twisting Your Arm
  The Wedding Present
   Good Ships
  David Bowie
   Uh Uh, Love is Coming to Town
  Talking Heads
   You Don't Understand
  House Of Love
   I Said Pig on Friday
  Eastern Lane
  Rough Trade
   Hot Feet
  Rough Trade
  The La's
   Everybody's Happy Nowadays
   Why Can't I Be You
  The Cure
   Bring It Down
   Can Someone Please Direct Me Back to Earth
  John Kongos
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