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Staring at the Rude Boys
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   Staring at the Rude Boys
  The Ruts
   Hurra Die Schule Brennt
   Nothing Means Anything Anymore
  The Alley Cats
   Couldn't Get Ahead
  The Fall
  Beggar's Banquet
   East End
  Cockney Rejects
   Rich Kids
  Rich Kids
   Tomorrows Girls
  UK Subs
   Kiss Kiss Kiss
  Yoko Ono
   Where's Captain Kirk
  Rough Trade
   Fan Mail
  The Dickies
   Human Race
  Human Race
  Rave Up
   Johnny Beattie
  Glasgow Rap
   Sweet Soul Music
  Arthur Conley
   I Wanna be Your Man
  Rolling Stones
   Ticket to Ride
  Husker Du
   Orgasm Addict
  United Artists
   Not Great Man
  Gang Of Four
  Warner Bros.
   Hanging on the Telephone
   John I'm Only Dancing
  The Polecats
  Assorted Images
   King Rocker
  Generation X
   English Civil War
  The Clash
   From a WIndow
  Northern Uproar
   Accident Waiting to Happen
  Billy Bragg
   Freeze the Atlantic
  Big Black
  Touch and Go
   Why Do Men Fight?
  Carbon/Silicon ‎
   It is Raining in your Mouth
  The Fat White Family
  Fresh Mouth
   In a Room
   Alone Again Or
   Mushroom Head
   Strange Kind of Woman
  Deep Purple
  Coloured Balls
   True Confession
  The Undertones
   Under the Plastic and NCT
  Sleaford Mods
  Harbinger Sound
   Compulsive Gamblers
  The Thieves
   Super Trouper
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