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From the vaults #18
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   Bottom Upwards
  Shed Seven
   Walk Like and Egyptian
  The Bangles
   Year Of the Cat
  Al Stewart
   Matchstick Flotilla
  Trashing Doves
   My Generation
  The Who
   She's a Rainbow
  The Rolling Stones
   Hello, Dolly!
  Louis Armstrong and The All Stars
   Bad Penny
  Billy Bragg
  Cooking Vinyl
  Kill Your Boyfriend
   Angels With Dirty Faces
  Sham 69
   Blackberry Way
  The Move
   Sweet Child O' Mine
  Guns 'N' Roses
   New Year's Day
   Baby You're a Rich Man
  The Beatles
   There Are Some
  The Poets
   Oh Well (pt. 1)
  Fleetwood Mac
   The Workmiser Harmonies
  Hope Of The States
   Every Beat of Your Heart
  Railway Children
  Pet Shop Boys
   Rocket Man
  Elton John
   What's In The Box (See Watcha Got)
  The Boo Radleys
  Russ Abbot
   Fue La Ultima
   Tu sei l'unica donna per me
  Alan Sorrenti
   Then I Kissed Her
  The Beach Boys
   I Knew I'd Want You
  The Byrds
   King Of The Surf
  The Trashmen
   Cholly (Funk Ready To Roll)
  Warner Bros.
   Bits And Pieces
  The Dave Clark Five
   China Girl
  David Bowie
   Me gusta el futbol
  Los Inhumanos
   Nellie The Elephant
  Toy Dolls
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