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indie // funk // soul // punk // alternative

The aim of the show is very simple: we want to broadcast good music without pretentiousness! Our range is vast and depends on the episodes: from 1950s rhythm and blues to 1990s lo-fi, from soul to punk, from hip hop to contemporary indie, from Latin cumbia to funk, from 60s psychedelia to 1970s rock, from European pop to French chanson, from disco to new wave. Lafropunk is just this. No more, no less :) Once a month Lafropunk goes soundtrack, with the help of Mr Lecomte we will explore a specific film genre through the sound of its best soundtracks

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   17:00 - 19:00
   Sat, 15/05/2021
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Music ...Before Pubs Reopen
24/04/2021 // Music ...Before Pubs Reopen

Tune in! A brand-new episode of Lafropunk Radio Show.

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