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With Conal Blake (Rosy Crucifixion/ W☮rld Peace)
Lady Squalor
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   Groove Thang
  British Electric Foundation
   Invaders of the Heart (Exotic Decadent Disco Mix)
  Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart
   In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
  The Slits
  Rough Trade/Y Records
   Punk Rock Classic
  The Experimental Pop Band
   As It Will Be
  Pig Bag
   Double Bump
  Golden Teacher
   Irish Washwoman
  Cults Percussion Ensemble
   Forbidden Planet
  Spittle Records
  Space Cadets
   Being Boiled
  The Human League
  Fast Product
   Ela Orleans
  The Season
  Clan Destine
   Angry Todler
  Smack Wizards
  Winning Sperm Party
   Secret Police
  World Peace
  White Label
   Too Many Creeps
  Bush Tetras
   Gimme The Map
  Menlo Park
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