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Bedroom Records
Lady Squalor
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   My Generation
  Patti Smith
   Uprising Nation
  Sick Of It All
   True Love Will Find You In The End
  Headless Horse (Daniel Johnston Cover)
   You're So Cool (Film Sample)
  Hans Zimmer
  Morgan Creek
   Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
  Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots
   Walking In The Rain
  The Ronettes
   Take and Give
  Sandy Brooks and Slim Rhodes
   I Don't Know
  Ruth Brown
   Nobodys Gonna Hurt You
  Kathy Keegan
   On A Tropical Island
  Anna Valentino
   He's A King
  Barbara McNair
   Somebody's In My Orchard
  Nancy Adams
  RCA Victor
   I'm Gonna Be A Fool Next Monday
  Kitty White
   Some Velvet Morning
  Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra
   Song of a Gypsy
  Del Con
   That's My Song
  Esther & Abi Ofarim
   Gypsy of a Strange and Distant Time
  The Moody Blues
   Gypsy Eyes
  The United Travel Service
   Gypsys Curse
   Koeli (Gypsy)
   Gypsy Woman
  The Impressions
  Chubby Checker
  20th Century
  Black Sabbath
   Rock N Roll Gypsy
  Helen Schneider & Kick
   I Get Nervous
  Lost Sounds
  In the Red
   Sailin' on
  Bad Brains
   Communication Breakdown
  Sudden Death
   Mildred Pierce
  Sonic Youth
   I Feel Alright
  Lulu's Marble
   All My Feelings Denied
  Thee Headcoatees
   The Handsome Man Tortures Me
  Unknown Artist off 'Choubi Choubi!...'
  Sublime Frequencies
   The Return of Ruebezahl
  Amon Düül II
   Cross Me (Project X Cover)
  Charles Bronson
  Youth Attack
   Cross Me
  Project X
   How Will It End
  Barry Darvell
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