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Lady Squalor
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   Dead Moon Night
  Dead Moon
  Pete Drake
   Here Forever Always
  His Name Is Alive
  Reincarnate Music
   I Scare Myself
  Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
   You Know You Can Do It
  Edgar "Jones" Jones
   Let Us Run While It's Running Time
  Bessie Griffin
  Spirit Feel
   It's About Time I Made A Change
  Deloris Ealy
   Northern Touch
  Figure IV
   Let Your Backbone Slide
  Maestro Fresh-Wes
   Finding Your Heart In The Future
  Chabapai Narmwei
  Sublime Frequencies
   Tros Y Gareg (Over The Stone)
  John Baker
  The Grey Area
   Siti Payung
  Pimp Rubiah
  Sublime Frequencies
   Bendix The Tomorrow People
  Raymond Scott
   The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz (This Is Insane)
  William S Burroughs
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