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So Little Time
Lady Squalor
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   Let's Start The Party Again
  Karen Young
   Baby Let Your Hair Down
  Graeme Chapman
   Dig Me A Crazy Record
  Charles Senns
  OJ Inc.
   Our Own Way
   I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  The Kinks
   City of People
  The Illusions
   Leave Me Alone
  The Canadian Squires
  Ware (US)/ Apex (CAN)
   Don't Lead Me On
   Push A Little Harder
  The Avons
   Boy, You Turn Me On
  The Honey Bees
   Live and Learn
  Joey Heatherton
   Happiness Will Only Cost You a Thin Dime
  Betty Lavette
   Get Rid of Him
  Bernadette Castro
   Nothing But a Heartache
  The Flirtations
   Gonna Get Burned
  The Chantelles
   So Little Time
  Diana Dors
   Want You
  The Weekends
   Live For Life
  The Breakaways
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