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With Duncan Harvey (Weirdo Wednesday)
Lady Squalor
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   I Come To Demolish Cleveland
  Stacy Bengal & His Six Outfielders
   Train To Satanville
  Gin Gillette
   Satan Is Her Name
  Steve King and The Echelons
   Suis Je-Normale
  Nini Riviolette
  Anchiskhati Choir
  Soul Jazz
   Balada Haiduceasca
  Toni Lordache
  Network Medien
   Kadia Blues
  Orchestra del la Paillote
  Network Medien
   Primitive London 1
  Basil Kirchin
  Ilaiyaraaja // Vani Jairam
  Finders Keepers
   Living Loving Life
  The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
   Now I Know
  The Beat Chic
   Red Haired Girl
  His Name Is Alive
   So Far Away
  The Showmen
   You've Got A Good Thing Going
  Jeannie King
   You Won't Forget Me
  Jean and the Statesides
   You've Got Lose
  Ike & Tina Turner
   Long Lost Lover
  Psychic Dancehall
  Art Fag
   Just a Dream
  Die Jungen
   Murder Mystery
  Silver Apples
   You Rented a Space
   What's Your Body Doing Tonight?
  100% Silk
   Graveyard Orbit
  Crystal Stilts
   Weekend Love
  Nena & The Stripes
  CBS Schallplatten GmbH
   Way Down Below
  The Gruesomes
   Just Incase You Wonder
  The Fiends
   Wastin' My Time
   Get Away From It All
  Northwest Company
   Graveyard Shake
  The Deadly Snakes
  In the Red
   Guitare Jet
  Les Jaguars
   Space Guitar
  Johnny "Guitar" Waston
   Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Round
  Blind Wille and Kate McTell
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