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It's Only Music
Lady Squalor
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  Ultimate Thrush
   Sao Dok Kum Tai (Lady From A Flower)
  Pumpuang Duangjan
   Srey No (Lady Named NO)
  unknown artist
  Sublime Frequencies
   Hard-Boiled Babe
  Lizzy Mercier Descloux
   You're My Favourite Communist
  Blood Of The Bull
  Soft Power
   Never Saw The Point
   The Wrong Way
  Terror Bird
  Night School
  Bush Tetras
   Don't Count On Me
  Love Positions
   My Time
  Ann Steel
   This Foxy World
  Tom Tom Club
   Careless Love
  Lulu Jackson
   Helft Mir
  Stereo Total
  Disko B
   When It Hurts So Bad
  Lauryn Hill
   See and Don't See
  Marie "Queenie" Lyon
   You Dropped Me
  Ernestine Matchett
   Chain of Fools
  Aretha Franklin
   Everlasting Love
  Barbara Pittman
  Philips International
  Patsy Cline
   Who Planted Thorns in Miss Alice's Garden
  Tom Northcott
   Love Can Tame The Wild
  The Monks
   Adventures Close To Home
  The Raincoats
  Rough Trade
   Voices In The Rain
  The Wipers
  Park Avenue
   C.N. Tower
  The Poles
  Nimbus 9 Records
   My Shit Is Perfect
  Bob Log III
  Voodoo Rhythm
   Keys To The City
  The Go! Team
  Memphis Industries
   You Can’t Go Home Anymore
  DJ Shadow
   Thin Line
  Jurassic 5 // Nelly Furtado
   The Good Stuff
  Janelle Monae // Big Boi
  Warner Bros.
   Too Close
  The Staple Singers
  Donald Byrd
  Blue Note
   Crooked Little Man
  The Serendipity Singer
   Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time
   It's Time To Go Home
  Rosie & The Originals
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