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Lady Squalor
garagerock // girlgroups // psychfuzz // records // international

Lady Squalor is a music based show with chat/informative elements. Presented by Deena, a Canadian living in Glasgow whom DJ's regularly, 'Weirdo Wednesday' at Nice n Sleazy, 'Born To Bouffant' at Mono, and 'All Yesterdays' Parties' at The old Hairdressers. Djing previously as part of the duo, The Sophisticated Boom Boom, with Claudia Nova (of Aggi Doom, The Witching Hour) and each week at Soul Supper Club at The Art School with Duncan Havey (of Button Up). Playing her favourite records, including but not limited to; rock and roll, rhythm and blues, psych, garage, girl groups, new wave, world folk, punk, soul, etc... Each show has a theme to connect the genres and at times challenge the listener. As well, expect collaborative conversations through music with some of Glasgow's best DJs and bands; each week a guest will be invited in to share their thoughts and tracks on the theme. "I love records and learning about, and sharing all kinds of music. I have found moments of merits in all genres, but acknowledge there is a lot of really crappy music out there. I used to work in a small established record shop in Toronto until it shut, and now support other peoples record stores through my fiscal irresponsibility and volunteer at Oxfam Music in Glasgow. Often the only thing I bother to research in my travels is where the records stores are; letting those purchases and conversations set the remainder of my time there. Thus I have geeked out properly about music in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Jamaica, Japan (both through visiting in 2007 and living there for a year in 2009/2010), Paris, Korea and here in Glasgow. As a result, I have been able to scour records from minimally pressed genres such as Canadian Garage from the mid 60s to now, Asian/Eurasian rock and roll and psych, and girl group oddities and hits. Unique to this opportunity, I would be able to share many of the records that I relish listening to in my bedroom but don't often get the chance to play on nights out; for example my 1920s new Orleans jazz recordings, exotica, sleazy soundtracks or general glorious weird things." For more music fun and facts, in between shows, Deena regularly posts the tracks she listens to and loves, on her popular blog, found at TheSophisticatedBoomBoom.tumblr.com.

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26/06/2013 // It's Only Music

pretty much a p.m.s. mix. enjoy.xx

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