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Kill Yersel
indie // electro // postrock // alternative // posthardcore

New music, from Glasgow, Scotland and beyond. No hype here. No scenes either, thank you very much. Detour's David Weaver spends an hour feeding you the finest new alternative music in the country, ably helped by a guest presenter each week. Weaver will also turn his critical eye upon the current music scene, and maybe delve into the murkier and more interesting waters of local music. The guest will be gid. The music will be gid. The chat will be gid.

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Kill Yersel - Show #2
02/07/2013 // Massive Egg


For good.

Carnivores - If It Bleeds Pariso - The Seperation Badbadnotgood - Earl Bossk - Pick Up Artist Cleavers - Brian Johnson's Hat Vasquez - Low to be Heavy Friends in America - Are You Alright In Wrecks - Frankenstein Marvin - Roquedur Fuck Buttons - The Red Wing Yung Simmie - Florida Nigga Mentality Deaf Heaven - Dream House

Live show at Bloc on Friday 5th July.

Ding dong.

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