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Kill The Kid's Technobix
techno // electro // techhouse // minimal // justaddmilk

Kill The Kid's Technobix is a pulsating weekly mix of all things techno, featuring monthly showcase of the finest Techno and Electro record labels on the scene. Every month, Kill The Kid selects one label and spins out a high tempo mash up of the best the company has to offer. Expect exciting mixes highlighting an eclectic array of talents and genre's from the most minimal techno sounds to the grimiest electro basslines.

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The Skinny Podcast

The Skinny Podcast December 09

Top Cat's Meow by Kill The Kid

Check out this months Skinny Podcast by Kill The Kid. It will be available as of Nov 26th to coincide with the release of the December issue of the magazine...


Freak - Hans Bouffmyhre (Perc Trax)
Mateo Carino - French Factory [Alex Young Remix] (FHD Records)
Marcus Meinhardt - Drive It Mad Max [Super Flu Remix] (Upon You)
Ricky Stone - In Miami [Ahmet Sendil Remix] (Flat Belly)
NTFO - Filter (SK Supreme)
Markantonio & Joseph Capriati - Molotov (Analytictrail)
SQL - Distorted Reality (SK Supreme)
Freeker5 - Active Effect (Autist)
Fabrizio Maurizi - Mars Needs Bitches (Minus)

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