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Kill All Kings
electronic // folk // experimental // world // ancient

Connected by threads of oppression, silence and banishment, the womxn featured on Kill All Kings veer and ascend, making offerings composed through the darkness. A feminist folk horror, village voice, hard techno hybrid compilation born through radical reciprocity.

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   19:00 - 21:00
   Fri, 14/08/2020
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Feeling You, Feeling Me
17/07/2020 // breathing you, breathing me

For this episode of Kill All Kings, we explored tropes of love. From legendary icons to medieval troubadours, womxn have been singing about love in all its forms - seducing us, celebrating us, cursing us. Mothers, lovers, believers and those that swear at its name, we’ve considered love sonically and lyrically. While compiling, we realized that this episode could, like love itself, grow into something wild (like its own separate radio show). Making the obvious executive decision to include more Umm Kulthum than us chatting, we’ve included a resource section for more reading, viewing and research paths surrounding the womxn featured. xoxo


Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You live from the concert for a new south africa (1994) https://youtu.be/2aGHVaT79Ug

MHYSA - before the world ends MV https://youtu.be/grWY13fImf8

Gaelynn Lea tiny desk concert https://youtu.be/n6oSeODGmoQ

Lena Chamamyan singing Sareri Hovin Mernem live in Istanbul in 2016 https://youtu.be/WgxAmix-3D0

really lovely lyrics translate roughly to: I die to feel again the wind of the mountains I die for the height of my beloved mountains I feel paralyzed being away, I walk but I cant get advanced. I am full of tears, but I can't even cry I haven't seen him in a year, please show me Those who've seen my beloved, so I can kiss their eyes, I am dying to see my love. The rivers don't bring water anymore They don't bring me any news from you anymore I am afraid your heart get frozen to let me wait in vain , to leave me alone feeling this loneliness

A film released in 2017 about Shirley Collins' life: 'The Ballad of Shirley Collins' can be watched here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/shirleycollinsmovie

A video of Fawn Wood performing at a Pow Wow, where her husband proposes to her after she is done singing! https://youtu.be/sWyYie-3nMU

An excerpt of the lyrics from UMUI by Awich ‘We love hard We hate hard Generations of broken hearts You take take take take take take take take from what is ours What you gave; we never asked’

A short video about the Laure Provost exhibition Deep See that also includes Lafawndah performing the song- the full film of the work is available for play through the LUX catalogue https://www.nowness.com/series/private-view/laure-prouvost-martha-kirszenbaum-venice-biennale-jospeh-delaney?fbclid=IwAR1_dxAsc17gtrHsL18Cbq07h4fjOft0zIIh3o5aq9ZTBlAXnFV4RwiN9S0

In 'Hot on Heels of Love' Cosey Fanni Tutti can be heard whispering sweet nothings. She is also a visual and performance artist famous for the Prostitution project that opened at the ICA in London in the mid 70’s. She co-edited and published Maria Fusco’s Cosey Complex, the first major publication to discuss and theorise Tutti as methodology where she directly puts method to practice. Maria Fusco's Cosey Complex: http://mariafusco.net/editing/cosey-complex-reader/ Cosey's Website: http://www.coseyfannitutti.com/ ICA text about 'Prostitution', its 'most controversial show': https://archive.ica.art/bulletin/prostitution-revisited

A video of IU singing an acoustic version of 'eight' https://youtu.be/tJM0yIbg8iQ

and lastly, a performance of Umm Kulthum performing in Paris in 1967 with english subtitles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPGHpBOt5sE

enjoy xoxoxoxoxox

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