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007: Brooklyn
The Kid & Mega Show
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   Brooklyn's Finest
  Jay-Z // Notorious B.I.G.
   Speed Law
  Mos Def
   Follow Instructions
  Loud, Epic
   Come Clean
  Jeru The Damaja
   Any Type Of Way
  Big Daddy Kane
  Fat Beats
   Alright (RATATAT Remix)
  Memphis Bleek
  White Label
   4th Chamber
  Cold Chillin'
   The Grunge
  Wu Tang
   Brooklyn Zoo
  Ol' Dirty Bastard
   The Blast
  Talib Kweli // Hi-Tek
  Blacksmith, Rawkus
  KRS One
   Here We Come
  Boot Camp Clik
  Duck Down
   Gimme Da Loot
  Notorius B.I.G
  Bad Boy
   Survival Tactics
  Joey Bada$$ // Capital STEEZ
   40 Second Shoutout
  The Kid & Mega Show
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