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003: Beefs Round One
The Kid & Mega Show
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   I Used To Love H.E.R
   Westside Slaughterhouse
  Mack 10 // Ice Cube // WC
   The Bitch In Yoo
   Get You Mad
  Sway & King Tech // Eminem
   4 Letter Word
  White Label
   Role Model
   And So Kiddies
  White Label
   Bitch Lady
  White Label
   Break Em Off
  MF Doom // MF Grimm
   El Chupa Nibre
  Danger Doom
   Chester P Diss
  White Label
   The Bitches
  Chester P
  White Label
   The Full Retard
  Fat Possum
   Nothing Promising (Instrumental)
  Megamegaman // Ken Da Koalah
  White Label
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