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Keep it Simple
chat // indie // entertainment // alternative

Keep it Simple is a monthly indie/entertainment show in which the presenters treat you to a variety of great indie tunes and some interesting features such as Mindless Observations and News or Blues. At the end of each show we challenge ourselves to come up with a song that we think sums up the month that's just been.

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It's us again....
27/05/2011 // No More Exams...

After missing a week due to the dreaded exams, we're back, one day earlier than normal.

On the show, Andy gives a brief review of last nights Pop Goes The Revolution Live- which Louise missed (boo!!) and some great songs from Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Radiohead & Sea of Bees.

We will also be introducing you to The Sunshine Social, a great new Glasgow six piece who are playing a number of gigs around Glasgow over the next few weeks including the Main Stage of The West End Festival on Sunday 5th June. This will be their first play on radio, so remember where you heard them first!

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