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soul // futurefunk // psychedelic // dreampop // chillwave

Kaleidoscope is dedicated both to uncovering new music, and to listening to older tracks in a different way. Forward thinking but with a dose of nostalgia, Kaleidoscope fuses washed out beats and dreampop melodies with electric pick-me-ups and soulful classics. Each show has a different focus, and with it, a different half hour mix. This year the show will experiment with other voices, both through interviews and by inviting a guest to play their own thirty minute selection.

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#tbt Flamingosis


This time last year the show hosted the amazing Flamingosis on Subcity Radio which showcased his beats, samples and sounds that were born out of an eclectic record collection from the 70s - 80s. With his forthcoming Kahunastyle LP due out in a couple of weeks time over on Keats//Collective - get acquainted, get excited and re-listen to this show which features a guest mix and interview where he discusses his journey into the musical world as a producer and DJ.

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Scottish Charity Number SC006970.