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Just Right Up Your Cup of Tea Street
hiphop // house // postpunk // disco // tropical

When you ask or are asked what type of music you like, what do you say? Difficult question to get a proper all-encompassing and complete definition of without sounding like an pretentious music obsessed twat and without saying the usual "A bit of everything". So with this new show we would like to present some of our favourite music, which we hope you will like too. In doing this we hope to present new and old music - both famous and infamous (including acts like Boom Bip, Konk, Faust, Serge Gainsbourg,Jackson & His Computer Band, YACHT, Steve Reich, Jean Jacques Perrey, Nancy Sinatra, Broadcast, Lucky Dragons). We will also have special sections dedicated to the history of certain waves and eras from the past and present in order to enlighten both our listeners and ourselves. How much do we really know about music concrete, the beat generation, the works of Iannis Xenakis, Larry Levan, Link Wray, Francois de Roubaix, Danton Eeprom, or Jaylib? All will be revealed in our themed discussions and explorations over the course of the show. As well as these historical insights we want to keep an eye on local music, with many of the guests and presenters already being involved in gigs, events or labels in and around Glasgow. We hope to have everything from 5 minute mixes and local remixes from young DJs to live studio performances by musicians and writers. We will have competitions, Noise poems, famous readings and, of course, the best music we can possibly get our hands on and ears around, all structured around bizarre jingles and false advertising.

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Wacky Cathedrals/Basilicas
15/03/2009 // Wacky Cathedrals/Basilicas

"2day richard, im wearing a completely fertilized ovum." judy 06/06/80.

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