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Just On Side
football // antirascism // antihomophobia // antitransphobia // antisexism

Just on Side will primarily update listeners of the exploits of United Glasgow Football Club.

UGFC started in 2011 to offer asylum seekers and refugees opportunity to play structured football and has blossomed since then holding a firm ethos against discrimination of all kinds as well as tackling financial exclusion too.

Today, over 200 players from more than 50 different nationalities participate. Races, identities and faiths are put aside and people become simply players. In April 2017 UGFC achieved status as a registered charity.

UGFC’s Women’s Team compete in the SWFL West Division 2 whilst two men’s teams participate in the Glasgow Communities and Cooperative League (GCCL).

Listen in to enjoy the company of a variety of players, volunteers and generally nice mammals every fortnight. Expect scores from the weekend and current league standings, upcoming news and events, information about our sponsors and friends and generally information of how you can help out.

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29/08/2017 // #20

We're back!

We'll recap friendly matches vs Yorkshire St Pauli, Los Fastidos' gig at Stereo and the Govanhill Festival. We'll keep you up to date with how UGFC Women's Team are getting on in SWFL South Div 2 too. Tonight's backing vocals are provided by DMK and Evan, who will be rating the new SubCity studio marks out of 10!

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