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Jus de Pomme
electro // dance // rock // independent // continentalmusic

A sack of apples that will be freshly squeezed during the show. Be it Golden Delicious, Braeburn or the Pink Lady, Leon, Amy and Chris will have some fine tunes to suit your mood and refresh your senses. Remember, apple juice contributes to the 5 fruit + veg a day! Jus de Pomme is very healthy, has not been chemically processed, and is naturally cloudy!

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JdP with Elliot Bulmer: Constitutions
22/03/2009 // with Elliot Bulmer: Constitutions and Society

I am very happy to have had Elliot Bulmer in today's Jus de Pomme. We discussed (rather extensively) the role and importance of constitutions in modern society, and also covered briefly republicanism and Scottish independence. This was framed with some nice Bluegrass and Americana songs, hand picked by Elliot. It is highly recommended to listen again!

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