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Jump Sturdy
electronic // beats // world

Upon meeting, Adam and Hamish quickly bonded over a shared love of Dr John albums and The One Show. In an attempt to try and find an outlet for both interests, they created Jump Sturdy, a radio show which borrowed a name from a Dr John song, and it's entire format from The One Show. However, it quickly became apparent both hosts had only limited interest in the outside world, and no contact number for Chris Evans, so they replaced public interest segments with roots music. Topical stories were scrapped in favour of hip-hop, and the research team were fired and replaced by a need to make people move, especially between 11pm and midnight every wednesday on Subcity Radio.

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27/10/2016 // Peanut Choker

This week Jump Sturdy brings you music from PJ Harvey, Dr Dre, Iglooghost and GoGo Penguin, continuity is out the window.

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