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Journeys Sampler
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   Jab Chaye
  Asha Bhosle
Weird But Wonderful Contenders
  Blue Thumb
   Everybody's Love The Sunshine
  Blue Thumb
   Funky Butt
  Charles Kynard
   The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  Dick Hyman
   Soul Stomp
  Earl Van Dyke // The Funk Brothers
   I Can't Wait
  Nu Shooz
  Herb Alpert
   Fortune Teller
  Benny Spellman
   This Is My House
  The Moody Blues
   There's A Ghost In My House
  The Fall
  Beggar's Banquet
   Truth Don Die (Kerry Chandler House Remix)
  Femi Kuti
   Party Time
  The Heptones
   King Tubby's Badness Dub
  King Tubby
   Evil Is Goin On
  Howlin' Wolf
   Tales Of Brave Ulysses
  Rotary Connection
  Cadet Concept
   Taj Mahal
  Jorge Ben
   New Gold Dream
  Simple Minds
   The Unsilent Minority
  Ramsey Lewis
   Quem Que Caguetou?
  Tejo, Black Alien & Speed
  Mr Bongo
   I Have Feelings Too
  Denita James
   Fat Bag
  James Brown
   69 Cents
  Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign
  Chi Sound
   Get Yer Yas Yas Out
  Blind Boy Fuller
   Good Life (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Mix)
  Inner City
Weird But Wonderful LOSER!
  Blue Thumb
Oops! Played the loser not the winner of the WBW vote! The actual winner (RAMP - Everybody Loves The Sunshine) will feature in next week's show!
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