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Jersey Broadcasting Corporation
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Subcity hands its first hour of the FM broadcast to the Jersey Broadcasting Corporation, who have travelled up from the Channel Islands to bring you an hour of excellent music, as well as telling you why Jersey loooves Subcity. Being massive fans of Subcity, the guys have had a trawl through the schedule to find the highlights of the broadcast. The JBC have dug out some musical highlights, and Freshers Week gems, for your listening pleasure and education.

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FM is GO!
14/09/2009 // Unnamed Episode

Join us as, we, the Jersey Broadcasting Corporation get into the Subcity studio to present you an hour of Earth shattering audio to launch the Subcity Freshers Week Broadcast in style.

Whether your brand new to 106.6fm or whether you're an old hand who remembers the days of AM frequencies and think listen again is a bit too modern - whatever your age at Subcity - Jersey Broadcasting Corporation will be your perfect kick start to the best week of your life, listening to Subcity.

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