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Jack 2 Jack
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   Your Love
  Frankie Knuckles // Jamie Principle
  Ron Hardy
   On And On
  Jesse Saunders
  Jes Say
   Love Can't Turn Around
  Farley Jackmaster Funk // Jesse Saunders // Darryl Pandy
   Where Love Lives (Come On In)
  Alison Limerick // Frankie Knuckles
   Move Your Body
  Marshall Jefferson // Frankie Knuckles
   Good Life
  Inner City
   Triangle Of Love
  Juan Atkins // Kevin Saunderson
   The Chase (Smooth Mix)
  model 500
   Strings Of Life
  Derrick May
   It Is What It Is
  Derrick May
   Techno City (95 Mix)
  Juan Atkins
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