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It Ain't Workin' Chief
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  Rozi Plain
   The Golden Vanity
  Alasdair Roberts
   Sweet Jesus
  James Yorkston And The Athletes
   Serious Drugs
  BMX Bandits
   As I Lie In The Mud
  Randolphs Leap
  Olive Grove
   If I'm Still In Love When I Get Back Home From..
  Sweet Baboo
   The Cake And Eating It
  Zoey Van Goey
  Chemikal Underground
   Sex With An Ex
  The Vaselines
  Sub Pop
   Get Good
  Remember Remember
  Rock Action
  Dam Mantle
  Republic of Music
   Happy For You
  Polar Bear
   Otley Rock Oracle
  Trembling Bells
  Honest Jon’s
   The Nightmare Of J.B.Stanislas
  Nick Garrie
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