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It Ain't Workin' Chief
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   Paint It Black
  Rolling Stones
   Artists Only
  Talking Heads
   Arts & Crafts Spectacular
   To Me You Are A Work Of Art
   Going Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop
  Luke Haines
   Modern Art
  Art Brut
  Fierce Panda
   Max Ernst
  Mission of Burma
  Teenage Fanclub
   Paul Blart & The Death Of Art
   Andy Warhol
  David Bowie
   How To Hang A Warhol
  Little Joy
  Rough Trade
   Upon Viewing Bruegel's Landscape With The Fall Of
  Titus Andronicus
   Art Czars
   Sculpture Garden
  Art Museums
   Painting People Blue
  Gruff Rhys
  Rough Trade
   Story Of An Artist
  Daniel Johnston
  Eternal Yip Eye Music
   Postcard Of A Painting
  Maximo Park
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