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#7: Motherly Love
Initial Spin
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   Im Civilised
  Small Wonder
   He's Frank
  Monochrome Set
  Rough Trade
   Man Next Door
  The Slits
  Rough Trade
   Into The Groovy
  Ciccone Youth
  New Alliance
   No Fun
  Dr Mix and the Remix
  Rough Trade
   In a Rut
  The Ruts
  People Unite
   Neu Smell/ Tube Disaster
  flux of pink indians
   Read About Seymour
  Swell Maps
  Rough Trade
  Electric Eels
  Rough Trade
   Call Me Pudge
  Happy Flowers
   We Are All Prostitutes
  The Pop Group
  Rough Trade
   Damaged Goods
  Gang Of Four
  Fast Product
  Peckham Action Group
   Armalite Rifle
  Gang Of Four
  Fast Product
   Ha Ha
   I Got Rabies
  Johnnie and the Lubes
   Hedi's Head
  Rough Trade
   Phonebill Song
  Sympathy For The Recording Industry
   I Don't Want to Go to Art School
  Leyton Buzzards
   No Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs
  Leyton Buzzards
   Nag Nag Nag
  Cabaret Voltaire
  Rough Trade
   Your Turn to Run
   Oh Bondage Up Yours
  X-ray Spex
  Sisters Of Mercy
  Merciful Release
   Life is Life
  Throbbing Gristle
   Love Canal
  Subterranean/ Thermidor
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