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techno // ambient // dub // dubtechno // detroit

"Industry" presents the finest in deep and dark house and techno, with a focus on dub-techno flavoured, industrial-strength techy goodness. It also seeks to expose the work of some of the many unsigned DJ's and producers, both locally and from around the globe, who use platforms such as Soundcloud to share their talent. Expect to hear tracks from labels such as Ostgut Ton, Fachwerk Records and Zeeec, as well as your obsessive techno pal who never leaves his home "studio" unless he's nipping out to buy cables, equipment or play a gig. E-mail: [email protected]

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Ally Reid - Guest Mix
15/05/2011 // Ally Reid - Guest Mix

Ally Reid provides a glitchy, fun-filled mix of techno on the more minimal side of things, reminding anyone who went along to the sadly now-defunct night BON BON at the Sub Club a year or so ago, at which Ally was a resident DJ, that the boy still knows how to pick a party tune or two ... keep an ear out for Ally as he surfaces in the most unexpected places around Glasgow to deliver quality tuneage ...

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