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dance // club // grime // bounce // vogue

Hyperfunk is a small collective of DJs from around Scotland who run parties around Glasgow and push forward thinking club music from around the world. We showcase a wide range of genres from grime to vogue and beyond. Hyperfunk hopes to bring a party atmosphere to each individual show, with a constantly rotating mix of resident DJs and guests. Featured artists include TryTryDieDown, a 20 year old producer and member of the Dummy mag and Just Jam featured Sea Lion Gang. With his collaborations with Strict Face and appearances on BBC Radio 1 garnering attention, as well as releases forthcoming on Nottingham heavyweight Tumble Audio and Liar's Tessier-Ashpool imprint gaining TryTry the support of acts such as Nightwave, Ikonika, Liar and more. DJ Curls is another Aberdeen bred DJ, who plays frantic footwork mixed with traditional grime and disco at a jittery 160 pace. Finally, regular appearances by Hyperfunk resident scratcher Ryan Docherty, a traditional turntablist trained by Edinburgh royalty Ritchie Ruftone who blends oldschool hip hop instrumentals with futuristic bass tracks.

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Hyperfunk Get Fresh Again!
12/09/2018 // Hyperfunk Get Fresh Again!

For our third Freshers show, we’ve got Hyperfunk veteran Curls steering you through for the full term, expect Footwork n funky club. Be sure to check out our next event where another vet TryTry is returning for the first time in a long while! https://www.facebook.com/events/227884934546619/?ti=ia

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