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Hunks, hunks hunks
comedy // electronic // classical // rap // liveperformance

Joe Crogan and Frank Sinatron are the archetypes of the ideal Hunks: Hunks only: No Dum Dums, sorry. We've got all your favorite segments, including Honk 4 Hunks, Hunks Advice Bureau, Pups Party, Hunks in the Kitchen, Laff & a Half and the Incredible Hunk. We've also got LIVE audience, movie reviews and joshin' around in the studio. We also make little songs and play them live in the studio. If you like the show, please don't hesitate to contact Subcity management, and tell them to keep us on air! And remember "It's up to you."

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Current Affairs/Weird Voice Special
19/05/2011 // Current Affairs/Weird Voice Special

This week we covered all the recent current news, keeping YOU in the loop. Weddings, Wars and of course the football. Also Frank Sinatron kept playing weird voice songs.

Also, hey there is a big party look http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=198144160230139


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