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Humdrum Party
soul // eclectic // alternative // culture

We eat curry for breakfast and dunk sandwiches in tea. If these oddities don't faze you then come on in, and join our world of open-minded felicity. Give us any concept and we will bring together all of our favourite things that might possibly relate to it, and bundle them together into a perfectly abnormal parcel for your enjoyment. How ludicrously kind of us.

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Kate's Hour 2.0
13/05/2014 // Kate's Hour 2.0

Back in la studio this week after quite a hiatus from Humdrum Party, due to dissertations and exams ruining our lives. Sadly Ash is still in the midst of exam nastiness so I am flying solo without my partner in crime.

However, NO MISTAKES TODAY! Unprecedented. Also, some nice new music from Dundee, some tunes perfect for summer listening and of course a couple of old faves thrown in for good measure.

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