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Hot Tramp
hiphop // soul // dance // electronica // motown

Hot Tramp is Bicola and Siobhan. They bring good vibes, slow jams and music to make love to. Like a pocket of warmth in your wet week, we'll strive to tease a smile and play music to chase the blues away. Listen for upbeat and low key, old and new and a bit of what you fancy. Turn on, tune in and cheer up.

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Free Yo Mind and Yo Ass Will Follow
11/03/2009 // Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hot Tramp is feeling especially happy today; down right delirious infact.

Tune in and cheer up! This is probably the tip toppest Trampy mix in a long while.

Big Love,

Mamma B and Mamma S (Who is wearing a petticoat today...)

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